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Site navigation

Each web page on our website, below the heading, is split into two panes: the left-hand pane containing site navigation information (the menu); the right-hand pane containing the main page content.

If you are navigating through a page using the keyboard instead of a mouse, then the tab key will tab through the menu items first before reaching the main content.

To make navigation easier, there is a set of shortcut keys (or access keys) defined - for example, access key S will skip the navigation section and jump to the main content (the skip navigation link to the top right of the page achieves the same thing). The tab key will now navigate you through links in the main content pane. Access key T will return you to the top of the page, and access key M to the start of the navigation pane.

The more common menu items also have their own access keys, so that these can be used to move quickly to certain pages.

Access Keys

Access key Use
ALT + T Top of page
ALT + M Top of Menu
ALT + S Skip navigation
ALT + A Access key table
ALT + Y Diary menu item
ALT + W Weekly notices menu item
ALT + N News headlines menu item
ALT + C Church of England News menu item
ALT + R Regular services menu item
ALT + P Daily prayer menu item
ALT + L Links menu item
ALT + H Home page menu item

( I know ALT + D is the obvious choice here, but Internet Explorer V7 has commandeered this key combination to move the focus to the address bar)

In general on Windows use the ALT key + the relevant access key:

For Macintosh systems use the CTRL key + the relevant access key