Holy Baptism

Holy Baptism is usually administered on a Sunday. Please make arrangements with Carol Reid (tel: 01962-733587). Those recently baptised are welcomed into the Church Family at the Second Sunday Service.


We are pleased to conduct weddings for those living in the parish, or who are on the electoral roll of our church. Please contact Paul and Sue Dix (tel: 01962-734863) to make arrangements.


Burial space in Alresford Churchyard is firmly restricted to those who live or die in the Parish or who have an existing family grave. Initial arrangements are usually made with a Funeral Director, but the clergy at St.John's are always very prepared to minister to the sick or dying, or to call immediately after a death. After consultation with the Diocesan Registry, we regret that burial space cannot be reserved other than in existing family graves.

Funeral / Thanksgiving Services:

Funeral Service for Peter Miles Tuesday 19th August 11.00
St Peter's, Ovington
Thanksgiving Service for Violet Knight Wednesday 20th August 13.00
St John's, New Alresford
Funeral Service for Ellen Harris Tuesday 26th August 12.15
Wessex Vale Crematorium
Funeral Service for Joan Gaskell Wednesday 3rd September 13.15
Basingstoke Crematorium